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Not surprisingly, an overwhelming majority (53%) classify themselves as middle class.The Emerging Affluent earn $100 $199K; same as the Mass Affluent YET are under 35 years old.The Rise of the Class Affluent (in a “class” by themselves):Earns between $200K HHI (the minimum threshold for true affluence in America according to our findings) and $1 million+ HHI annually.Represents the minority only 8.5 million in a country of 307 million people.Three tiers of Class Affluence.The Affluent $200K $499K HHI The Creative Class: The Affluent are the creative class. They are likely to work in creative fields or industries, like software design, publishing, architecture, advertising, or journalism.The Wealthy $499K $999K HHI The Money Class: Likely to work in Finance and Consulting.The Rich $1 million+ HHI The Leadership Class: They are individuals who run companies and influence industry. They command the highest incomes and make decisions that affect many.

Popular Peepers Adds Kate Spade Eyewear to Website(Freeport, NY) Popular Peepers is proud to announce that it now carries the complete line of Kate Spade eyewear made by the Safilo Group. The collection is designed with the classic, elegant and feminine styling which is so familiar to Kate Spade customers. Kate Spade Eyewear is inspired by chic, timeless icons of fashion with beautiful temple treatments and accents of color.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida announced Friday it extended a contract with Hospital Corp. Of America, the nation’s largest for profit hospital chain, that will let thousands of members in South Florida continue to use HCA facilities. A Blue Cross spokesman said the company had alerted members in early December that negotiations were stalled and that an agreement might not be reached.

St. Louis Gun Couple: The White House and Federal Government Are on Our SideThe St. Louis couple that gained notoriety after pointing loaded firearms at Black Lives Matter protesters passing by their home last month joined a Trump campaign event late Friday to recount the terror they experienced on that fateful day when demonstrators encroached on their sidewalks.

Louis Post Dispatch/Tribune News Service via Getty Images Missouri Gov. Mike Parson said on Friday that he would pardon the St. Louis couple that pointed guns at Black Lives Matter protesters marching past their home last month. Guetta himself has slipped slightly down the Forbes annual earnings list and believes it is time to adapt. It the end of a cycle, with death there is every possibility. There is like an empty space that needs to be filled, he says.

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