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Even bearing in mind his contrary nature and love of peculiar left turns, Murray’s 2004 decision to follow his Oscar nominated role inLost in Translationby voicing the comic strip cat in his first CGI outing (tagline: “Get ready for frisky business”) caught many by surprise. This, remember, was a man who had previously turned down the Buzz Lightyear part inToy Story. What was he thinking? The answer came six years later, via an interview withGQ.

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Shelton would crash weekly Zoom meetings with the starting rotation each Wednesday, laughingly suggesting he did it to give him an excuse to get out of teaching his daughter fourth grade math. He touch base frequently over the phone. Still, it not the same as being together physically.

We won the Grey Cup (in Ottawa), our defence was in the bottom fourth of the league in stats. We had to score nearly 40 points to win the Grey Cup. When Bo won his against Hamilton and Ottawa he didn really score a lot of points. “If you take women who don’t have caregiving obligations, they’re almost equal with men. It’s somewhere in the 95 percent range. But when women then have children, or again are caring for their own parents or other sick family members who need care, then they need to work differently.

C’tait bien ma veine si je ne croisais pas quelque dlicieuse qui prsenter mes hommages et mes fleurs, un genou terre, avant de m’clipser contre jour, le cur fier et lger. Mais, j’tais mal prpar. D’abord, il faisait chaud et j’avais gard ma veste, suffisamment encombr que j’tais par mon volumineux bouquet.

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