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We will use the road safety fund to pay those who obey road and traffic rules,” Jay Narayan Pankaj, the district superintendent of police (Keonjhar), told TOI. He added that the objective of awarding careful drivers/ riders with money is to sensitise people to the importance of obeying road and traffic rules and also help prevent accidents. “Catching rash drivers and penalizing them is a common practice across the country.

Burch draws inspiration from her favorite era, the 1960s and 1970s. She relys on this style of art, photos, videos, her mother and father vintage wardrobes and the work of interior designer David Hicks. These effects, find their way into Burch personal style, which is directly reflected in its collection..

Mom is better than before. So are Raju, Reema and Vrinda. Two days back, he had shared a video on Instagram and said how his mother has not been told about the real reason for her admission to the hospital. Now, Konstantinidishas to dismantle the structure which is actually part swimming pool and part deck move itand reassemble it.”The kids went crazy. I mean, bawling. The owner has been advised to move structure back five feet in order to comply with zoning setback requirements for pools,” the email said.

In fact, home day care centers have played an outsize role in the state’s pandemic response, licensing data show. The overwhelming majority stayed open when schools closed in March. They remained open through the spring, as 40% of stand alone day care centers shut down, and hundreds of summer camps were forced to cancel.

That’s okay, in itself, as I dress. In goes the wallet. Yet hours later, when needing to retrieve said wallet, there’s the moment of panic when I forget about this oddity of nature. Imagine the popular resistance to the first talkies if audiences had to don headsets to hear Al Jolson sing “Swanee.” What would the odds on the success of three strip Technicolor have been if people had to wear specs to see Gone With the Wind or The Wizard of Oz, or the 99% of movies now shown in color? The history of mass entertainment is to make consumption easier, not harder. Until we’re in the post goggles stage of 3 D, the format will be less a dominant form of movie watching than a theme park attraction. (See the 50 best inventions of 2008.).

The real unemployment is 13 to 15, maybe even 16 or 17 percent, because so many people have given up looking for jobs. And as you know, in the new count, they don’t include that, explains Trump. You looking for a job, then you give up, and you now, you don’t have a job, and they don’t include that.

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