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The interface is poor and the implementation is so focused on selling to advertisers that they seemed oblivious to how people will actually want to use it, straightjacketing what could be a cool technology. Hopefully future versions will improve. Most implementations of augmented reality rely on one of two techniques either a high degree of place awareness, or some form of object recognition.

His first installation of the Earth Harp involved stringing it 1,000 feet across a canyon just south of Chicago. The experiment turned the entire valley into a giant instrument chamber and resulted in the harp’s name. Close went on to play in concert halls, which required him to attach the strings to balconies so that audiences literally sat beneath the instrument..

Drone strike, state TV reported on Monday. The report said the death sentence was carried out against Mahmoud Mousavi Majd, without elaborating. The country judiciary had said in June that Majd was “linked to the CIA and the Mossad,” the Israeli intelligence agency, and alleged that Majd shared security information on the Guard and its expeditionary unit, called the Quds, or Jerusalem Force, which Qassem Soleimani commanded..

To give the jackets and cuts that proper beat up look, Jones and her team would put them through hell for a few days after purchasing. “We’d be out there running them over with our cars. The men of SAMCRO generally wore Pro Club due to their thicker cotton blend, tighter neck, and resistance to stretching, though Hunnam wore Gildan brand tees because the fit was particularly good on him.

And many of those white people are more than happy to sell their home for massive profit to an eager couple fresh from China or Korea. The Asians aren’t purposely trying to remove whites anymore than wealthy white Atlantans are trying to remove black people. Wealthy people, regardless of race, move into an area because the lower income inhabitants see a chance to sell their home for a huge profit.

I decided to give in a buy the pair that spoke to me. It came down to the Stella McCartney vs. Prada. Before embarking on Warby Parker, Blumenthal was the director of VisionSpring. This nonprofit works with women in developing countries, training them to start their own business selling affordable glasses to those making less than $4 a day. Fast forward to today Warby Parker uses VisionSpring to distribute a large portion of its glasses to those in need..

I support Rielle and will pay money for her book. I think she is composed and very reasonable. John Edwards should have honored his marriage vows. The thing that seemed somewhat illegal is they forced all students to sign up for food stamps and government assistance and had complete control over. Think of how much food you could get with 120 EBT cards. We ate like shit, bologna sandwiches and lots of processed food while the directors had free reign over the remaining balance.

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