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Lori M. (July 16, 2020)Heading into July 16, 2020, there have been 176,278 positive COVID 19 cases as well as 13,660 confirmed deaths and 1,974 probable coronavirus deaths across the Garden State. Jeff Van Drew in closely watched race in New Jersey’s 2nd congressional district, has been chosen for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s to Blue program, NJ Advance Media has learned.

At the station, Chris introduced me to JR and Cyril, 2 inseparable mates and stockmen. JR is the horse trainer at the station and Cyril an Aboriginal stockman. I got to go on a wild cattle muster with them and it was absolutely thrilling. Where do I begin? Well, to start, your room has a motion sensor on the AC that will force the AC back up to 74 degrees whether you want it or not. The sensor work even when you are in the room, so plan on moving often. Oh yeah even when you sleep.

As Obama stood in front of more than a dozen Ukrainian reporters at the weapons destruction site, he declared: “I’m extremely impressed with the facility.” A few moments later, when pressed in a Tribune interview, he said: “I’m being polite. The place speaks for itself. This is a somewhat run down and not a spick and span factory.”.

The fire engulfed the inside of the Gothic structure in flames on Saturday, destroying a grand organ, stained glass windows and a painting. COVID 19 surgeThe man, who did not immediately self isolate upon arrival in Canada as required by law, infected at least one person, who then infected at least four more. While the border has been closed to non essential travel since March 21, returning Canadians, essential workers and truckers, foreigners coming for family reunification, and even Americans driving to Alaska, are all allowed in..

The woman in the car yelled “Black Lives Matter” as they drove past and in response they said the man yelled back, “Shut the f k up, [N words].”The women shouted back “f k you” and other expletives at him, and drove on. Were shocked were shocked. They said it seemed as if he had walked toward where they had parked.

We have the ability to be somewhat flexible and provide more [intensive care unit] capacity, said Suarez. All time high back in March/April was 196 ventilators. We just eclipsed the 200 mark, so it inevitable that we going to see deaths rising in the state.

I like using InSSIDer to visually see what could be interfering with me. Keep in mind the channels could be a moving target, so I check it out every once in a while. Anyway since the GNB wireless sucks, my favorite product is Ubiquiti Unifi access points.

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