Ray Ban New Wayfarer Vs Wayfarer 2

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More than a dozen Taliban fighters with machineguns, their faces mostly covered by headscarves, stand around the truck and on the hillside.Bergdahl is seen blinking frequently as he looks out of the truck and appears to be listening as one of his captors speaks to him. At one point, he wipes his left upper eyelid as if to get rid of some dust.A Black Hawk helicopter then lands and two Taliban fighters, one carrying a white piece of cloth tied to a stick of wood, lead Bergdahl half way toward the helicopter, a few hundred meters (yards) away.Bergdahl is then greeted and taken by three Western looking men in civilian clothes to the helicopter, where soldiers in Army uniforms are waiting. Before he climbs in, one of the three men pats down Bergdahl in a quick search, then soldiers help him board the Black Hawk.

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