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Matt Lorenz (he is Suitcase Junket) and his producer, Steve Berlin of Los Lobos, describe the music on “The End is New” as doom folk. But don’t expect a spare and drowsy experience with “The End is New.” It’s actually a fairly rousing effort, even if the songs explore dark topics such as wildfires (“And Then There Was Fire”), climate change (“Can’t Look Away”) and news channel overload (“Black Holes and Overdoses”). As on his previous five albums, Lorenz is not afraid to make some noise musically, as such songs as “Black Holes and Overdoses” “Breathe Forever” and “Jesus! King of the Dinosaurs” show.

Spreading rumours that Sushant Singh Rajput came up with the idea of the game FAU G is now against court orders. A civil court in Mumbai on Thursday passed an interim order to restrict people from spreading rumours that FAU G and Goqii Vital 3.0 were conceptualised by actor Sushant Singh Rajput, who died in June. The order, a copy of which is with Gadgets 360, restrains users from “posting and reposting tweets, sharing posts, sending messages and videos on various social media platforms” including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

We are fortunate to have the Utah Investigative Journalism Project. Founded in 2016 by Eric Peterson, who broke stories of pay to play corruption charges in the Attorney General’s Office while a City Weekly reporter, it has been shining light into dark places ever since. If you believe in Tinkerbell, clap; if you believe Utah needs a watchdog, donate to the cause..

You will receive prompt confirmation upon completion of your survey that you will need to show, along with your mobile ticket, to enter the arena. We recommend you take a screenshot of your survey results for easier access. Do not take a screenshot of your digital ticket.

Adding music while ANC is switched on, though, is like Peter Parker getting bit by the spider it just gives the XM4s a whole new set of superpowers. Yeah, you get the benefit of distraction free noise blocking, but it also makes the music sound better. The XM4s have the ability to place you in the center of a mix, with tracks clearly flowing from the left and right around you.

I agree the pandemic, for all it bad points at least led to one glorious point in the summer when I was hardly at work and I finally felt “free” to do whatever I wanted. I was hoping this might change cultural norms about work but sadly it seems like everyone has doubled down on reminding people how they need to work extra hours and risk themselves for the good of the economy. Sadly I don think they be any change without global revolution or apocalypse.

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