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Work will then get under way into how to fund the costly scheme, ensuring planning consent can be achieved and securing the extensive amount of land needed for the project.It stresses: “A fundamental consideration for cabinet and for all interested parties in this project is that selection of a preferred option does not constitute certainty over either delivery or acceptability.”The council is now asking Derbyshire Dales District Council to take steps to protect the preferred route against any other developments.County council officials formally blocked any land sales in the potential route of an Ashbourne Bypass several years ago, which also meant the town lost its long awaited permanent travellers site on Watery Lane. This move has led to years of disarry in the Dales and the Ashbourne site now looks as if it will not be needed as part of the route.Read MoreDerby killer has seven years added to his sentence for dealing high purity cocaineA report on the preferred option and consultation results shows 885 people responded to the council on the potential scheme.Out of these, 68 per cent favoured the west route, as opposed to an eastern route close to the airfield, out of which 70 per cent preferred western route A, instead of a shorter option which joined the A515 right on the outskirts with the town.The eastern option would create conflict with the district council’s aims to redevelop the airfield site with hundreds of homes and creating new jobs. The route would also cost nearly double as much at an estimated 37 million.A total of 97 per cent of respondents said a bypass was the best option for the town’s traffic woes.

I held a meeting on Sept 1, but will convene another neighborhood meeting if more input is desired. The evolving structure of this model is referred to as a “Dark FTTP Partnership”. The report estimates capital costs to build the city’s portion of the network at $149.1M, that would be spread over 3 5 years..

JDB: I want to add to what Heather just said there, Dave, regarding our private labeling; we just launched a private label brand called DSS Essentials with Deondra Sanders in mid November. If no one’s familiar with who Deondra Sanders is, she’s the daughter of Hall of Famer Deion Sanders, who is if you watch football at all, you know He’s one of the main superstars. That was an exciting product launch and it going well.

Most onerous is House Bill 634 “successive owner” legislation which would force people purchasing a business to retain all employees. In the current draft, the legislation designates the restriction on businesses with 100 or more employees. But as one lawmaker points out, that can easily be lowered this year or in future years to affect companies with considerably fewer employees..

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