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Polish town weighs risk of losing EU fundsSurrounded by fields of roses and lavender in tranquil eastern Poland, some residents of the village of Konskowola feel the European Union may be trying to blackmail them. Like about a hundred other municipalities across rural Poland, the local council has declared Konskowola to be free of “LGBT ideology”, reflecting a backlash against gay rights throughout the conservative, largely Catholic nation. Three floodgates of the Three Gorges Dam that spans the Yangtze were opened as the water level behind the massive dam rose more than 15 meters (50 feet) above flood level, the official Xinhua News Agency reported.

13th November 2014Fact: The Staten Island, New York mansion that doubled as the Corleone family home in The Godfather is on the market. The sprawling pad, where Marlon Brando’s Don Corleone died after suffering a heart attack in the 1972 film, is for sale at $2.89 million (Gbp1.9 million). The pad, which boasts an exercise room and game room with pub, was also used as a backdrop for the lavish wedding of Talia Shire’s character Connie Corleone..

Of Kingswood Court, Nuneaton. Passed away peacefully after a very long illness borne with dignity on 9th July 2020, aged 82 years. A loving Dad, Grandad, Great Grandad, Brother and Uncle. I caught three of the festivals four nights, having skipped the Kool and the Gang opener on Thursday. She apologized repeatedly for her voice, which was a bit huskier than usual, but there was no real need for the condolences. She still sounded quite lovely as she softly cradled such beauties as The Look of Love, Deed I Do and Devil May Care..

A few people hit me up to see the car and after I gave them the details, they confirmed interest and wanted to see the car in person. I usually follow up with a line like “Do you plan to take it away if you like the car and it meets your expectations? or are you just looking?” This usually goes 1 of 2 ways. They fumble and fall on their face because they know they bullshitting you around or they say “yes, if we can come to a deal, I buy it.” You might even get a “idk, I need to drive it first” to which an appropriate response is “Since I don feel comfortable meeting strangers at my house, I need to rely on a friend to pick me up I just want to make sure I make arrangements.” At this point you should get your understanding if they serious or not.

Top 10 Birthday Gift Ideas For Boyfriend With Different PersonalitiesA birthday is a special day in one life that deserves celebration. It really becomes a tough task to find the best birthday gift for boyfriend. However, it is also true that everyone loves surprises on his/her birthday or any other special day of the year..

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