Ray Ban Premier E W0868

For those IL TUTTO mums out there you may have spotted my 1st sneak peak of our soon to be released Baby Bag I have been using for a couple of weeks and I am in LOVE!!! In all its sumptuous washed leather glory, it looks fab and feels even better. Featuring multiple pockets to keep every mum organized and Il Tutto signature zip out washable lining finally there is a stunning and stylish handbag for mums that is functional as well as fabulous. It will be available at the end of March and will come in 3 colours Donkey, Tan (as shown) and Orange..

My skin’s blue guys and my hair is even turning blue.Teens warned not to try TikTok Out challenge that result in death While food colouring is usually harmless in small doses, research has shown a link between certain food colours and ADHD.Speaking to Health Essentials, Dietitian Julia Zumpano explained: “Some studies show a link between dyes and increased ADHD or hyperactivity in children. An Australian study found 75% of parents noticed an improvement in behaviour and attention once the dyes were eliminated.”Researchers also found tumour growth in animals that consumed high doses of food dyes, though it can be hard to translate what this means for kids.”The food colouring trend comes shortly after a trend called the Eye challenge saw teens shaving half of their eyebrows off ‘to look like Kendall Jenner.’The trend was inspired by Kendall Jenner, who is known for her distinctive eyebrows.While Kendall likely relies on a team of expert makeup artists to achieve her look, several ambitious teens have attempted tor recreate her look by shaving the ends of the eyebrows off.Unsurprisingly, the challenge hasn gone well for many TikTok users. Classic game cartridge sells for over $100,000NintendoThe well known classic platforming video game from the early era of video games sold at auction for a whopping sumComet Neowise is visible over UK’s skies and won’t be back for 6,800 yearsNasaA scientist has revealed the best way to watch the newly discovered comet which will reach its closest point to Earth on July 23 when it will be at a distance of 103m kilometres away’I was abducted by aliens these are the terrifying things they did to me’AliensPeter Faust told Oprah Winfrey that he had memories of being “taken onto a space ship” by aliens from when he was about eight years old, but the experiences continued until he was an adultBest UK SIM only deals for July 2020 including unlimited data for 18 a monthMobile phone dealsFind the cheapest SIM only plans for July 2020 available in the UK if you’re wanting to change your mobile phone contract to a better dealMost ReadMost RecentDirty DancingJennifer Grey returns for Dirty Dancing sequel 33 years on in epic comebackDirty Dancing actress Jennifer Grey is set to star in and executive produce a new dance film set in the ’90s which fans believe to be a sequel to the cult classic flick.

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