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Item 13 has generated a significant number of public comments related to the request. Due to the volume of comments, copies of those comments have not been provided to the Plan Commission with their printed materials for this meeting. However, all of the comments received may be found under the “Public Comments” attachment in the legislative file (ID 57108)..

We had watched the movie in my basement and we left to go get some food because we were all feeling pretty creeped out from the movie and wanted a distraction. Afterwards i got home and went down there to retrieve the movie. I was still feeling pretty scared so i was trying to be quick about it, especially because the cover art on the dvd was creepy too.

So, to the glib critics of America’s gun culture: You cannot continue to have it both ways. If vast reductions in the supply of guns are the key to stopping mass shootings, tell us precisely what policies you propose. And then tell us how you intend to square those policies with the fact that Americans already own hundreds of millions of firearms..

Co pastors Johnson and Smith jointly lead each Sunday’s service and rotate preaching from week to week. The two churches have combined traditions and music. But each has also had to sacrifice part of its old way of worshipping. While we are moving to Phase 2, it’s important to note there are some trends we are closely monitoring. Since our first Forward Dane data release on 5/21, we have seen an increase in average number of new cases per day move from 8 to 16. Still below the “red” threshold of cases per day, this trend is moving closer to red.

Blowing by at high speed, scabby snowblower flakes kiss a small window of exposed skin between my cheekbones and lips. Winter ignites my sensory system. Winding through trees, scouting each line in the blink of an eye, I float on cloud nine. Democrats say they have ways to pay for the plan. The costs for the first several years are covered, as lawmakers dedicated parts of various revenue streams including taxes collected on online sales to a fund for the education programs. And there are potential additional sources of funding, such as newly legalized sports betting..

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