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We will not give out this information to any third party. Your payment is secured through SSL encryption. You can rest assured that we are sensitive to all personal information. When Amundsen arrived in Eagle on Dec. 5, 1905, the thermometer read 60 degrees F. Amundsen’s first stop was the Northern Commercial Company store, where he was mistaken for just another bedraggled prospector until asking to send a telegram to Norway.

Concerns by residents, both attending the February 15, 2018 neighborhood meeting and those sending comments electronically, were related to the negative behaviors that generated numerous police calls for service by the previous bar located at 724 S. Gammon Road. Residents were very vocal against having another bar located at 724 S.

SAVE $250: Dyson V10 Absolute+ cord free, now $849 (from $1099)Think of the V10 Absolute+ vacuum as the slightly upgraded version of the above model. The main difference between the Absolute+ model and the Animal Plus model is that this version comes with two cleaner heads and seven different tools. This includes Dyson Fluffy Cleaner Head which is covered in soft nylon and antistatic carbon fibres to remove fine dust and debris for delicate hard floors..

Joe Biden has an Iran problem. And, it’s getting more complicated by the day. Thanks to provocative moves by Iran and less than coherent actions by the outgoing Trump administration, the president elect is facing an increasingly uncertain situation when it comes to Iran, a decades long American nemesis that has been a target of blame for much of the Middle East’s instability, (Atomic Energy Organization of Iran via AP, File).

I just noticed they are not expanding to 4 lanes, but only putting in a left turn lane. While that will help, the underlying issue of people jockeying for position to get in front before the lanes go down to one ( for two blocks and then back to two) still exists. Why would we not expand with hwy m likely to be under construction soon forcing even more traffic through.

In a feisty interview about her split from Cruise with Playboy magazine in 1993, Mimi stated: “Here’s the real story. Tom was seriously thinking of becoming a monk. At least for that period of time, it looked as though marriage wouldn’t fit into his overall spiritual need.

Many of our choices on how we were setting things up were based on the desire to work significantly less time than a “full time work week”. Covid has made getting traction very difficult, but I expect that to get a little better in the spring for us. Regardless, we expect to be home and able to work on our garden regularly for the foreseeable future.

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