Ray Ban Rb 5169

Ed searched our entire room, went through every inch of our luggage and rental car, and he too, couldn’t find my sunglasses. After our part of the investigation was over, we were told to hang tight while they continue their investigation and that’s when we decided it wasn’t worth it to file a police report and let the resort handle it internally. After all, it’s just sunglasses.

I mean, it the Super Bowl! You gotta have a super lit appetizer for the big game, right? I wouldn steer you wrong have I ever? So, let discuss these little bundles of joy. Everything you see here is a magical concoction of pure deliciousness. The slider buns? Homemade! I used this recipe and basically divided them into 8 dough balls instead of one big loaf.

And when you can do no wrong, your life sized sculpture of a bright eyed anime manga boy jerking off and whipping his jizz into a gigantic lasso around his head will sell at auction for $13.5 million US. Two nights ago at Sotheby Contemporary Art Evening, Lonesome Cowboy estimated to go for $3 $4 million, surpassed expectations and ended up with a $13.5 million closing bid. Add in the 11% house commission and you got yourself a world famous Murakami for a cool $15.161 million.

A few embellishments here and there are always acceptable, but try to stick to more of a subdued look, colors, and fabrics with just a bit of sparkle. A wonderful cardigan set with some small seed pearls. A fabric with a bit of sparkle such as the blazer in the photo can add a whisper to your look, not a shout.

On May 29, an aged fuel tank at the Norilsk Nickel plant lost pressure and released 21,000 tonnes of diesel into the Arctic subsoil and the waters of the nearby river Ambarnaya.”In modern history, this is the biggest spill that I have ever seen,” said Alexey Knizhnikov, a leader with the World Wildlife Fund in Russia. It’s the biggest on land spill in Russia since 1994.”The scale of the damage to Arctic waterways is unprecedented,” said Dmitry Kobylkin, Russia’s ecology minister, in a statement.The incident is an embarrassment for a Russian government that has tried to pursue an environmental agenda in some places while also aggressively expanding industrial operations in the Arctic.It’s also a devastating blow to an already withered landscape and the people who rely on it for their way of life.”If you look at the country around Norilsk, it’s a real dead zone,” said Rodion Sulyandziga, an Udege Indigenous advocate and director of the Centre for the Support of the Indigenous People of the North. “It’s affected people’s river, reindeer, lakes [and] soil.”The fallout from the spill has been swift.

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