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The Transit and Parking Commission will review bus stops on Jenifer St at their Wednesday February 11 meeting, 5p, in MMB room 260. TPC will make final recommendations to the Common Council. While the relocation of the Ingersoll stops to opposite corners will not change until street reconstruction, the bus stop review is independent of the decision to delay..

1914 apartment building and construct a four story, mixed use building on two lots (the house and the surface parking lot). The new building would have two levels of parking, commercial frontage on Atwood Avenue, and three levels of housing totaling 76 units arranged in a U shaped courtyard layout. The intent is to use grade level parking as shared private/public parking to continue to support commercial demand in the business district.

The retail shop, in business since 1929 and owned by Michael and Alicia Canniffe, is in an old cottage that is also a bed and breakfast. Visitors enter the house though a garden gate; in an old fashioned parlor, handmade chocolates are displayed in glass cases. A simple brown box is wrapped in red paper and holds about 28 chocolates, all garnished with a hint of their contents: pecans, ginger, almonds (about $25 a pound).

Tradewinds Park, 3600 W. Sample Road, Coconut Creek. Vista View Park, 4001 SW 142 Ave., Davie. There are a couple million faithful who put into it maybe 10 20 USD of new money into the system each day, by buying bitcoins; and a few occasional whales that put a few million USD in one go, once in a while. In all, they are putting at least 25 million USD each day, on average, probably more. That constant input of NEW money is the ONLY thing that sustains the price at the current level..

The two sides played again in a 2001 exhibition in Portland and the Timbers were victorious 2 1 . Open Cup and the Earthquakes won 3 0 . Open Cup and the Earthquakes were victorious 2 0 . Time to switch, whoever had LO in the morning cleans up the kitchen than gets a break, maybe an hour to relax (usually video games or TV in our office). Switch again around snack time. We try to make it so we switch every 2 hours, which is when we do snacks.

She fell asleep again almost immediately, having been awake for just enough time to shove her phone back onto her desk but not long enough to register the smell of her roommate’s coffee. But three and a half hours later, they sat down for brunch right before the dining hall closed for the morning. It felt as if they hadn’t seen each other in ages or ever.

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