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Hughes quickly grasped the potential of self storage. Units were cheap to build and delivered a constant stream of rent money without the overhead of apartment buildings or the hassle of tenants. If the location became in demand for development down the line, Hughes figured, he could bulldoze the warehouses and turn a tidy profit..

It was in prison where he said he became “Baal Tshuva,” the Hebrew term for a newly observant Jew. He changed his name, prayed regularly, kept kosher and observed the Sabbath. His faith helped him come to peace with his troubled past and his lengthy incarceration, saying it was God’s will and part of his ‘Tikkun’ a spiritual voyage to make amends..

You can unsubscribe at any time.Thank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee ourprivacy noticeNew season Scotch Lamb is at its best right now, sweet and tender, 4 6 months old and raised on the Scottish hills, and celebrity chef John Torode is enthusing about the dishes he plans to cook.Nothing beats local lamb for flavour, he says, whether you cook it simply or zhoosh it up with spices or a marinade.”Lamb is one of those extremely versatile meats and that’s why everybody loves it so much,” says the TV chef.Scotch Lamb PGI takes its quality and characteristics from a stress free life grazing on the Scottish hills and is famously sweet and tender with delicate flavours.Sourced from selected Scottish farms that adopt best practice regarding animal welfare and production methods, buying Scotch Lamb PGI guarantees the highest quality meal and also supports local farmers.”One of the great things is that even for novice cooks it’s easy to cook lamb,” adds John.”Anyone can roast a shoulder or a leg of lamb. Score it well so that fat starts to melt into the meat, making it lovely and moist, then you’re going to get maximum flavour of rich and lovely lamb, which is what we’re after.”What’s not to love about a show stopping roast, cooked low and slow, the aroma driving everyone to distraction until they can sit down and tuck in.But the leftovers are what really sets this apart and make it worth investing in a larger joint, because the next day you can create another amazing dish the whole family will love.John says a roast leg or shoulder of lamb can be a delicious midweek feast that you can stretch over a couple of days, making it cost effective.”Once it’s been cooked you can take it off the bone and shred it, or you put it back in gravy and braise it, or make it into fritters like the wonderful ones my dad used to make,” he says.”It’s something he cooked when I was a kid and it pretty simple. You’ll eat about 10, they are so delicious.Dad always cooked these fritters the day after we had feasted on roast lamb.

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