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To be sure of seeing the annual wildebeest migration, head for Kenya’s Maasai Mara reserve between July and October when the herds spend the dry season crossing and recrossing the Mara River in their search for fresh grazing. As a spectacle it is matched only when upwards of a million wildebeest and 250,000 zebras gather on the rain soaked plains of the southern Serengeti to give birth in February. Make sure your immunisations are up to date, specifically for hepatitis A, typhoid, diphtheria and tetanus.

Plus, sweatshirts are going for just $95. Mejuri: Mejuri usually doesn’t do sales, but the cult favorite jewelry retailer is offering savings for Cyber Week this year with 10% off one item, 15% off two, and 20% off three no promo code required. Mr Porter: Save on the most coveted fashions for guys with 30% off.

Slim or wide trousers? I thought slim. They thought wide. Wide it was. And that how I “won” my first case. I got a $50 fine and an online drivers course instead. Saved me about $150 after time and money spent, which at the time was worth it. This is the message people are getting. So is the line in red automated non sense? FYI the only reason this is being dealt with now is because they have to not because they want to. Have already reviewed this decision and it cannot be reversed.

Garver Path: This project is for a new path connecting to the Capital City Trail on Madison’s east side. The project’s scope includes one new bridge, one replacement bridge over the Starkweather Creek, and one new bridge over the wetlands in Sherry OB Park. The goals of this project are to increase bike and pedestrian mobility and to provide a connection to surrounding neighborhoods.

Bush sent as his personal emissary to monitor the Ukrainian election. Now there are reports that Russia is sending troops to Ukraine to protect its ill gotten electoral conquest, a military intervention that differs from the Cuban Missile Crisis in degree, but not kind. Individual European leaders have also publicly voiced their objections and called for Mr.

Altered perceptions, spontaneous thoughts and behaviors with game content) occur on a continuum from mild to severe. This study examined the differences between mild, moderate and severe levels of GTP. A total of 2,362 gamers’ participated in an online survey.

At the request of the Common Council, the PFC will hold a special meeting on Tuesday in response to a letter we sent requesting more clarification on their dismissal of the complaint against Police Chief Koval. If you are interested in the annual Transportation Improvement Plan, it is now available in legistar, and will be presented at a joint meeting of Ped Bike and LRTPC on Tuesday (and aired live on city channel). There are two community meetings about the comprehensive plan “Imagine Madison” scheduled this week and two next week.

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