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I see the SaaS transition as secular rather than company specific driver. From my perspective, Adobe primary competitive threat was piracy, but that was an industry wide phenomenon (particularly in software and music) and not unique to the company. I say both of these industries as a whole came back due to the SaaS transition.

The addition of the state Tax Department call center is also another interesting addition to the mall. These employees are sure to invest money in Rotterdam’s local businesses during their lunch breaks and after work. ViaPort Rotterdam is now a destination.

We investigated listeners’ interpretations of the song, distributing an online questionnaire to over 1000 respondents. We found that most listeners either interpreted the song as relating to sexual consent and took offence, or felt that it was simply representative of the genre, and found the song unproblematic. However, a number of listeners expressed conflict in relation to the song, enjoying it musically but finding the lyrics particularly problematic.

Final Fantasy XIV fans have a new patch they can download and install the brings the game to version 5.45. The patch brings a new chapter to the game called the Queen, which is a quest series from game creator Yasumi Matsuno. In the new chapter, players continue to fight for the Bozjan across the southern front..

Sustainability is increasingly considered an essential business function, but in Libya, petroleum companies are slow to address operational issues that could reduce environmental concerns. This study aims to evaluate the environmental impacts of upstream petroleum operations. The methods adopted in the study are a literature review, an environmental impact assessment (EIA) study and qualitative analyses from, fieldwork trials and 56 semi structured interviews.

I read OP article and I do agree with it point, generally. Regulation can be stiflingly to many projects and it probably can and should be simplified. What bothers me about this article, specifically, (and why I decided to post a response on Reddit which is a great idea, right?) is that it is not unbiased or maybe more poignant is that it deliberately leaves out other implications of the proposed policy change.

Young people are spending increasing amounts of time using digital technology and, as such, are at great risk of being involved in cyber bullying as a victim, bully, or bully/victim. Despite cyber bullying typically occurring outside the school environment, the impact of being involved in cyber bullying is likely to spill over to school. Fully 285 11 to 15 year olds (125 male and 160 female, M age = 12.19 years, SD = 1.03) completed measures of cyber bullying involvement, self esteem, trust, perceived peer acceptance, and perceptions of the value of learning and the importance of school.

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