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In history classes, we get the notion that war has rarely touched our shores or waters in recent times. Underwater, we are presented with a different point of view. There is Bermuda, where vessels were scuttled in channels to keep German submarines from gaining access to the Great Sound, and where a spectacular paddlewheel still marks the wreck of the Civil War era Marie Celestia, a Confederate blockade runner that never made it out of Bermudan waters..

Winstar offers some of the most diverse gaming action of any casino I have every visited. I believe it is the largest in North America. They have themed gaming areas named for cities around the world. The Florida Department of Health in its daily COVID 19 report lists multiple laboratories throughout the state many of them small testing sites with 100% positivity rates, but Southwest Florida dominant hospital system said Wednesday it is incorrect to say 100% of their labs are positive. Johnson was found asleep behind the wheel of his police car in October after consuming “several large servings of rum” at a downtown restaurant with a member of his security detail, according to the Chicago Office of the Inspector General. According to the report, Johnson made false statements to the public and Mayor Lori Lightfoot, saying he had been out to dinner with friends and that he had ordered an internal investigation of the incident.NBC NewsIt started like any other Kremlin crackdown.

Traveling at such high speeds actually changes the wavelengths of light. The same thing happens with the wavelengths of sound when an ambulance or fire truck passes close by. The sound is higher pitched as the vehicle approaches and a lower pitch as it moves further away.

If in the future, leadership changes I would like to see US and China deciding to partner rather than oppose. A peaceful transition of power to the bipolar world would provide the next generation unfathomable prosperity as the world has found its new balance. This however would require US to share its presence and China to not be overly opportunistic as a sense of threat will reinvigorate opposition..

First time my name has ever been drawn . Was the high/low. I had the chance to win up to 5000, but I went low with a Queen and got a ACE. The world seemed to be humouring China like an errant child prodigy till the Galwan flare up took place on June 15. The US, which had decided not to spill any more American blood for global causes, also turned around and threw the SCS gauntlet and challenged the PLA Navy on high seas. While the PLA Navy looks formidable on the paper, China is still to gain expertise on carrier operations as landing a fighter on a moving floating deck in rough seas requires decades of experience.

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