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Within The Italic I the act of falling is slowed and extended through the use of both lens and language, as a means for attending to its discrete phases or scenes. Central to our performative poetic enquiry has been the production of an artists’ publication (of the same title as our project), comprising photographic performance documents presented alongside a textual lexicon generated in the ‘free fall’ of conversational exchange (Fig. 1).

The resolution says African Americans were and are 75 percent more likely to reside near “toxic” oil and gas infrastructure. It points to data from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute that living within 30 miles of this infrastructure increases the risk of developing cancers including lymphoma, lung cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer. Susceptibility to these diseases increase with age, according to the resolution.

This problem is a unique research area which involves the entire network and its ability to support the efficient propagation of data.Message dissemination in VANETs could be viewed as routing on much higher macroscopic level, however, the techniques usually applied to data routing on a microscopic level does not utilise available data to efficiently disseminate messages within a vehicular ad hoc network.Some work done in literature addresses a few constraints at a time; for example a focus on junctions, thereby ignoring vast areas of the wireless network which could have been otherwise used to improve the overall ability to efficiently deliver messages within the road network. For this reason, this thesis investigates the effects of several vehicular factors, how these factors affect the quality of the wireless network on each road, and how this knowledge is advantageous in improving the delivery of messages from a source to its destination within a vehicular ad hoc network. In proposing a solution that uses otherwise largely ignored road traffic data to improving efficient message delivery, a holistic framework that utilises road traffic information in a unique way is presented.

Well, I don work in the field so I don have first hand knowledge of the environmental regulations. It could be over regulated in general, but I kind of doubt it. (I believe it is currently swinging to far in the other direction.) I am sure that you could point to examples of bad rules mixed in with good that can drive a certain point of view.

The Buckeye Road/CTH AB and Cottage Grove Road/CTH BB projects are being removed from the priority projects listings at the request of the City of Madison because the City and Dane County could not come to agreement regarding local share funding and future jurisdiction of the roadways. Because these two projects were scheduled to be constructed in the next two years, the MATPB has very limited flexibility in moving the federal funding to projects in other later years. If the federal funding is not reallocated to other projects in the next two years, the funding would be lost.

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