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At a house on 12th Avenue, a woman said sometime during the night someone threw bricks through two windows of her residence. To find the windows broken and bricks on the ground. The damage was estimated to be approximately $400. The result will likely be less like Google Glass and more along the lines of Snapchat Spectacles, first released in 2016.On the research side, Facebook is trucking along in its quest to build wearable AR glasses that will integrate with its own software. In 2018, the company confirmed that it was indeed building its own proper augmented reality glasses. Want to see those glasses come into reality, and I think we want to play our part in helping to bring them there, Facebook head of augmented reality Ficus Kirkpatrick told TechCrunch at the time.Beginning this month, a handful of trained Facebook employees and contract workers will be sporting high tech glasses around campus to test wearable research devices in real world conditions.

Brain connectivity is traditionally thought to be important for creativity. Here we investigated the associations of creativity measured by divergent thinking (CMDT) with resting state functional magnetic imaging (fMRI) measures and their sex differences. We examined these relationships in the brains of 1277 healthy young adults.

I also come from a small town. I also am an outsider. I am also trying to make it in this industry and we really want to do these things. Deux semaines aprs son arrive la Maison Blanche, Joe Biden a fix ses priorits en matire de politique trangre. “L est de retour. La diplomatie est de retour”, a lanc le nouveau prsident amricain, vendredi 5 fvrier.

We got some hands on time with Apple’s new flagship iPhone series the iPhone XS and its larger variant, the iPhone XS Max. Both phones run iOS 12 out of the box. The difference between the two models is that while the iPhone XS sports a 5.8 inch OLED Super Retina display, the iPhone XS Max gets a larger 6.5 inch OLED Super Retina panel.

If you have outstanding of Rs. 1 Lakh on 1st of the month and you make a payment of Rs. 10,000 on 10th of the month than when you receive bill on 1st of next month they would have charged you interest on ((1,00,00010 (days for interest))+(80,00020 (days for interest ))/30 days = Rs.

Manitoba Liberal Health Critic and River Heights MLA Dr. Jon Gerrard addresses the media while Liberal Leader Dougald Lamont listens on during a press conference at the Manitoba Legislature in Winnipeg on Sunday. The Manitoba Liberal Caucus released phase two of their report on individuals experiencing homelessness Sunday, detailing the failures of successive NDP and PC governments to address poverty and housing in Winnipeg.

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