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Some days have run more like a marathon than a sprint, with members of the snow ops team working more than 20 hours at a time.”You see this equipment on the airfield blowing snow or moving,” airside Maintenance Manager Albert Gino said. “These guys don’t only operate the equipment they fix it and they maintain it. So if we’re in the middle of a storm and something breaks, we may be pulling one of these gentlemen out of another piece of equipment to come back here and work on something.”Drivers behind the wheel of the plows and brooms need to watch out for each other, especially when visibility is at a minimum.”Believe it or not, the wind is probably the worst thing,” mechanic Johnathan Fritz said.

In consultation with staff, I added additional changes and clarifications to the zoning code including making Tasting Rooms a conditional use. Currently distilleries, breweries and wineries/meaderies are exempt from municipal licensing. Several years ago the city amended the zoning code to clarify that alcohol manufacturing/tasting rooms, allowed in Traditional Employment/TE zoning, are a conditional use.

In just under two weeks, State Street became the home of temporary anti racist public art after storefront windows were broken during protests in response to the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. Artists, primarily black and brown artists, created 70 commissioned murals. The community response to their powerful messages demanding change was emotional.

18, 2008; 3 1 v FC DallasFirst Goal: Jamison Olave, 42′ equalizer, 10/9/08 v NYRBFirst Shutout: Nick Rimando, 11/1/08 v Chivas USAFirst Playoff Win/Shutout: Nov. 1, 2008; 1 0 v Chivas USAFirst Playoff Goal: Yura Movsisyan, game winner, 11/1/08 v ChivasFirst CCL Win: Aug. 18, 2010; 2 1 v Arabe Unido (PAN)First CCL Goal: Alvaro Saborio, 8/18/10 v Arabe Unido (PAN)First CCL Shutout: Nick Rimando, 3/15/11 v Saprissa (CRC)151st Game: April 30, 2016; 2 1 W v Houston Dynamo (95 21 35 overall mark)Last Goal: Yura Movsisyan, 70′ game winner, 4/30/16 v HoustonLast Shutout: Nick Rimando, 4/16/16 v VancouverCheck out the Real Salt Lake Statistics.

Inept school boards kept delaying the end of this temporary measure. Now, after it has been done for so long, it is being deceptively embraced as the post vaccine ideal. This is simply nuts. Sure, oftentimes losing another half pound isn that hard, but you absolutely cannot state that this is a universal truth. If it was invariably true, you could technically just continue to cut weight forever, since shedding a half pound is easy, and there always another half pound to lose. In other words, one cannot indefinitely lose an additional half pound, so saying it isn hard is simply a generality that sometimes just isn true.

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