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“The feedback from the federal states makes me confident that it will work,” said Spahn in a press conference with RKI President Lothar Wieler. According to the agreement with the federal states, the vaccination centers should be ready for use from today, said Spahn. That will work too.

Halftime: New Hampshire, 35 32. Three point goals: New Hampshire 10 21 (Smith 4 5, Miller 3 6, Bramanti 1 1, Dion 1 4, Okeke 1 4, Jordan 0 1); UAlbany 4 13 (Ennema 0 2, Singletary 1 3, Sanders 0 2, Hooley 3 5, Baker 0 1). Rebounds: New Hampshire 24 (Camara 7), UAlbany 28 (Singletary 8).

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“Imagine a president who publicly announces, ‘I no longer promise to preserve the Constitution,'” they add in the letter. “Such a declaration would not be illegal indeed, the First Amendment would almost certainly bar Congress from making it illegal but the president could still be impeached for betraying the oath of office.”They also argue that the First Amendment, even if it did apply here, is about stopping the government from barring various forms of speech press, religion, assembly, petition not shielding those already in it from the consequences of the actions they have encouraged with their words. Under free speech rules, people can still be punished for directly inciting lawless action, which is the essence of the charges against Mr Trump..

I think training a foriegn military takes a very different mindset. You hang out with a SF team doing the mission, and they know the people they are training are potentially bad guys. They are collecting intelligence on the people they are working with all the time.

Apparently the threat of domestic contraband does not rise to the level of foreign contraband, and this mentality must change. State and federal officials must address this open sieve when it comes to container inspections. I feel more must be done.

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