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Leading the Black Knights with a solid pommel horse performance was senior Matthew Martin, who hit a season high 13.5 and finished first in the event. Junior Mathew Davis served as an all arounder for Army and showed that he is capable of consistently garnering scores of 13 and 14. He was excellent on still rings and vault, events in which he captured first and second place, respectively.

Join Alder Ledell Zellers and me at a meeting with Mark and Trent Kraemer. They propose to open Tangent, a restaurant/nightclub, at 803 E. Washington Avenue, in the new Cosmos building. Wearable technologies have long been a sideshow to mainstream laptop and smartphones, but this year Google’s glasses and rumors of Apple’s iWatch are popularizing the field. Analysts forecast swift growth. Last year the market for wearable technology encompassing everything from hearing aids to wristband pedometers totaled almost $9 billion.

This Legislative session, HB129, a “Stand Your Ground Law” was approved with a 7 3 vote by House Law Enforcement Committee but failed to pass the House. Nearly half of the United States has enacted some form of this law, which provides some immunity from prosecution “in the use of deadly force” when that person has a right to be there. The debate over stand your ground laws intensified after the 2012 death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, whose killer was acquitted by a jury.

12 or later should go to Tree Tops Park in Davie instead. Be sure to go on the day written on your vaccination card and bring your card with you. Tree Tops Park, 3900 SW 100th Ave., Davie. Adumbrate Google’s apps with an alternating launcher: The allotment of your buzz that shows app icons, widgets, and contains your ray ban pas cher app list? That’s in fact an app itself, and you can alter it. Two prime candidates are Go Launcher EX and LauncherPro my alternative is LauncherPro. Install either one, again tap your phone’s Home button, and you’ll see a best of appliance either your absence launcher or that app..

De Villa: I think it’s an interesting question and only a component of it is really around public health. A lot of it is around a number of other circumstances or issues that are also relevant but perhaps outside of my area of expertise. First and foremost, kids had a little bit of a longer break.

Add the lime juice and season to taste with salt and cayenne pepper. Ladle the soup out and garnish each portion with sour cream and garnish the sour cream with pimento. Variation: to turn this into a main course soup, add 12 ounces of strips of raw chicken when you add the beans and corn.

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