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Recordon has some good points there, but the one he doesn make (of course), is that Facebook has the right to do things beneficial for Facebook. The best argument you can make against this is that what beneficial to Facebook may not be most beneficial to us all. In athorough breakdown of Open Graph at ReadWriteWeb, Alex Iskold (who is also active in the OpenLike community) makes a good case for this:.

1. WindowSwapAt a time when travelling has been handicapped, WindowSwap transports you to someone else’s window with just a click. From Florence, to London, to Chennai, this mesmerising website gives you a peak into someone else’s everyday views. Then I had the rare pleasure of meeting local legend, Coconut Rodney. He showed me the ropes on how to climb a coconut palm, with the help of Lenny. It amazing that Rodney has carved out a living out of this nut for years, so it no surprise that he is so well acquainted with them.

To determine whether a device’s mechanical function consistently has a more meaningful impact on gait than patient related factors, the present study undertook quantitative gait analyses of a trans tibial amputee walking using two different foot ankle devices on two occasions over a year apart. Walking speed and sagittal plane joint kinematics and kinetics for both limbs were assessed on each occasion. ‘medium’ effect size)..

Gathering both self2report questionnaire data and General Practitioner medical data from a large representative community sample in Scotland between 2012 and 2013 ( N = 1824), we investigated the relationship between SSS and prescriptions for analgesic drugs. We found that higher levels of SSS significantly predicted lower odds of participants having been prescribed at least one analgesic drug in the previous six months. We obtained this result even after controlling for OSS2related variables (education, occupational status, and geographical location) and demographic variables (age and gender).

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Large scale infographics cover the walls to put the documentary material into context.Ultimately, Leavitt wants the exhibit to catalyze action. Are piloting, and financing permanently affordable housing models like community land trusts and cooperatives. Want to show that this isn an inevitable crisis, or something we just have to deal with, Leavitt says.

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