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On September 24th, a Special Subcommittee of the Alcohol License Review Committee met to conduct an evidentiary hearing on revocation action for Visions Nightclub. At that hearing, the subcommittee struck counts 2 through 48 of subsection D of the City’s complaint and ordered the City to file an amended complaint. The amended complaint left the City with twelve (12) counts of violations rather than the sixty (60) counts of violations contained in the original complaint.

One woman said the image was “horrific” because it recalled the Disney film Pocahontas, which promoted a “racist stereotype of an outdated portrayal of an indigenous woman.” Others chimed in, like the historian of Indigenous issues who said the ad presented “static images of indigenous peoples that don’t reflect our lives anymore.”Indigenous and Northern Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett’s department swiftly deleted the ad from its website and pulled it off the walls at government offices. The ad, which had been around for years, “will not be used in the future,” one of her departmental underlings promised.Happens all the time in the new era. A story gets told, people instantly react, someone gets vilified.

I think it the same for retail G15 glass vs polarized version. Depending on the material you buy, it will feel different. I do prefer plastic lenses for their light weight. In 1987, I gained enactment of a ban on most boat antifouling paints containing Tributyltin (TBT) a very toxic substance that causes collapses in shellfish populations. I testified by teleconference before the Alaskan legislature which followed our legislation as did the federal government. In 2005, all TBT paints were banned by the EPA and an International Treaty banned TBT antifouling paints globally in 2008..

All of Kramer efforts, it is still relatively uncommon for public restrooms to be equipped with a tampon or pad dispenser and it is even rarer for those products to be available for free. When vending machines exist in office bathrooms, they require exact change in the form of a quarter (or in older machines, a dime). Place I work does have a dispenser, a 27 year old Lowes employee says.

He saw the oncoming car too late to abort the turn, and tried to make it a U turn. He got hit, resulting in a pair of broken collarbones (him and my sister) and a minor concussion. (Before the days of airbags) Passenger in the other vehicle complained of wrist pain on the scene.Six months later, my dad is getting sued for $1M for “loss of enjoyment of life” to include the other driver erectile dysfunction.

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