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She attended elementary and high schools in Las Vegas. She married Lawrence McKnight in 1945, and they were married 59 years. Louise was a convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, she was baptized the same day as her son Michael Wilson McKnight.

In 1937 she married Andrzej Tarnowski, a member of the senior branch of the family. Her first son was under two when he died (on the day she gave birth to her second) in July 1939. As war drew closer, Zofia decided that she would never abandon Poland and burned her passport.

Trump raised alarms on Capitol Hill when he suggested last month at a rally in Oklahoma that he wanted to slow virus testing. Testing is seen as the best way to track and trace the virus to contain its spread. One of the Republicans familiar with the aid legislation process said about half of the $25 billion previously approved remains unspent.

That’s a tough feat, given the group’s track record. Founded with the intent of showcasing the best in “world music,” the outfit has managed to shake that term’s sometimes boring and crunchy connotations via a program of the planet’s most exciting music, regardless of scene or language. For the 2007 2008 season, Rhythm Foundation has helped push pop forward and reinvent some of the oldest forms of folk.

WHO reports record number of new coronavirus cases as death toll nears 600,000A record number of new confirmed coronavirus cases were recorded across the globe on Saturday, with more than 250,000 cases reported, the World Health Organization said. It was the first time the number of new single day infections topped a quarter million, the health agency added, with 259,848 cases recorded. The United States, Brazil, South Africa and India, which has reached more than one million cases on Friday, reported the biggest increases..

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