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The outdoor wave pool and lazy river were absolutely filthy. I wound up with at least three different peoples hair on me during the course of a one hour float not to mention the dirt and debris floating in it. The water slides were a huge letdown as well as the drop slide was not even operational during the time of our visit and my kids could not go down the outdoor water slides because they have a very light weight limit.

To sweeten the deal, the Islamists promised to continue paying the men’s salaries. After some delays, militiamen in the camps received about $100 each last month. Islamists said the money came from taxes at the recently reopened airport and sea port, though critics allege that funding is coming from Middle East countries and Eritrea..

KENOSHA COUNTY Kenosha County sheriff’s officials on Thursday, April 30 announced 79 inmates at the Kenosha County Detention Center and Kenosha County Jail tested positive for COVID 19, along with five employees. That’s in addition to 13 employees that previously tested positive. Thursday’s announcement followed testing of approximately 420 inmates and 250 employees over two days, with help from the Wisconsin National Guard..

That initial moment we have been dedicated to the breed which has grown into a fine Sibe family. First we got our Nikki Xavier of Radcliff IV. She was the cutest little black and white girl when she came to us with the prettiest blue eyes. String of events” that made Alexa send an audio recording of the family to one of their contacts randomly.The episode underscored how Alexa can misinterpret conversation as a wake up call and command.A local news outlet, KIRO 7, reported that a woman with Amazon devices across her home received a call two weeks ago from her husband employee, who said Alexa had recorded the family conversation about hardwood floors and sent it to him.Read More”I felt invaded,” the woman, only identified as Danielle, said in the report. “A total privacy invasion.Immediately I said, never plugging that device in again, because I can’t trust it. Alexa, which comes with Echo speakers and other gadgets, starts recording after it hears its name or another “wake word” selected by users.This means that an utterance quite like Alexa, even from a TV commercial, can activate a device.That what happened in the incident, Amazon said.Read More”Subsequent conversation was heard as a message’ request,” the company said in a statement.”At which point, Alexa said out loud whom? At which point, the background conversation was interpreted as a name in the customer contact list.”Amazon added, “We are evaluating options to make this case even less likely.”Assuring customers of Alexa security is crucial to Amazon, which has ambitions for Alexa to be ubiquitous whether dimming the lights for customers or placing orders for them with the world largest online retailer.Read MoreUniversity researchers from Berkeley and Georgetown found in a 2016 paper that sounds unintelligible to humans can set off voice assistants in general, which raised concerns of exploitation by attackers.Amazon did not immediately comment on the matter, but it previously told The New York Times that it has taken steps to keep its devices secure..

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