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They were dead team walking. Their Cinderella run peaked in a dramatic upset of the Broncos at Mile High Stadium, and a middle of the night pep rally in which 40,000 fans sat in the Jacksonville stadium and waited for the team to return home. Before the team landed, it executed a fly by that was so low that when the pilot dipped his wing, I think I saw a fan’s eyes bulge.

If you have a job, you can take advantage of this too. After paying off any high interest debt, make sure that you have at least 3 months of wages in liquid savings at all times for emergencies. Next, max out your 401(k) contributions at work to the level of employer matching.

The City Clerk’s Office is mailing absentee ballots now, and will continue mailing ballots through August 9. Absentee ballots must be received back in the Clerk’s office in time for delivery to the polls on Election Day. Click on Vote Absentee at the top of the webpage, and the website will walk you through the application process..

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the terrorist attack.David Horovitz, the editor in chief of the Jerusalem Post, said it was odd for an unattended bag to go unnoticed in security conscious Israel.All the people hurt in the blast were located between the bus station and a bus, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said.The wounded included two pregnant women, Yagadovsky said.The attack occurred just two days before Jerusalem was scheduled to host its first marathon. Runners on Wednesday were picking up race packets at a convention center near the bus station.Among them was Wisconsin pastor Roger Ellis, who had just left the convention center when the explosion occurred. Ellis told CNN he and his wife were on a tour of the city when a taxi driver pulled up beside the bus and yelled at their guide.”We heard him say there was a bombing, and where it had happened, and I thought, ‘No way.

Sunrise Highway spans from the border of Nassau county and Queens county and runs all the way through to Montauk Point at the south easternmost tip of Long Island. Almost every major highway on Long Island has a local roadway running parallel to it. Jericho Turnpike (Route 25) is a local road that runs parallel to the 495 and also spans the island from the western Nassau County border all the way to the north fork terminating at the north easternmost town Orient Point.

Right now, there is a 12 year old who cries a lot. Others try to comfort him. One of the officers makes fun of those who cry.”. As a news reporter and editor, he has covered parades, triumphs and tragedies. He also once got close to the stars doing publicity for a space module builder. He came to St.

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