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>> Stelter: is not just about Michael Brown anymore. The logo on screen might say Death of Michael Brown but this is about a movement now. This is about a movement, not just that one moment in time.. Imagine waking up in the morning, throwing on one pieces of clothing [okay maybe some shoes, and accessories too] and walking out the door looking fabulous? Sounds great right? Guess what it is possible. Enter the romper, the playsuit, the jumper, the onsie, whatever you want to call it it is a pair of short attached to a top. Sure you probably wore something like this when you were a baby and yes it did look silly, but these one pieces are stylish and absolutely awesome! I am the proud owner of three rompers and I can honestly say that they are part of my regular summer outfit rotation..

Many people perplex hemp with marijuana, but hemp is a very different plant. Marijuana and hemp may have the same scientific name, Cannabis sativa, but they are entirely different. Misaligned spinal cord is a very common problem that can arise with the common car crash injuries.

Have y’all noticed that I have no idea what I’m doing yet? UmmmIAccidentallyWentViral? When I first posted for Bridger, I expected maybe 500 likes at most and maybe a couple dozen reshares. But here we are. So much love from all walks of life (including a few celebs)! And we just got off a call with a friendly neighborhood idol.

For example, Yves Saint Laurent has just trotted out a bizarre little number described as ”the new modern suit.” It has a skirt that is both short and split, opening all the way up to the G string line, if not appendectomy scar. The jacket, however, is so wide it seems designed for the comfort of Siamese twins. The neckline and collar are outsized, too, giving even the most beautiful mannequin the look of Andy Gump from the front and Dick Butkus still in shoulder pads from the rear..

At the end of the 2019 season,AAM took their aircraft line for the winter to begin scheduled maintenance and inspections, making sure the Warbirds would be ready for a full 2020 flight season. Sometime in early January, the coronavirus outbreak hit our shores. Public health and safety concerns led AAM Board of Directors to preemptively close the Museum on March 16th for two weeks.

What else have I done since April you ask? Well I have binged every episode of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Lewis, The Tudors, The White Queen, Versailles, Elizabeth I: The Virgin Queen, The Durrells in Corfu, Mr. Selfridge, and many other shows I can remember.

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