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He owns a 207 126 record and 2.92 ERA. But he tallied only 862 strikeouts in his 15 year career. Chapman had nine years of service. All they really have is your location. Everything is ephemeral so it going to be even harder to figure out what type of advertising they should actually target. Also we don know where people spend most of their time in private messages or stories and the only thing they really are focusing on monetizing is stories.

4. The notation forces us to write X is not independent of variable Y thus hiding all the (i,j) pairs for which the independence is defensible. This is a loss of opportunity, not a hiding of assumptions, because refraining from assuming independence is a more conservative strategy; it prevents unwarranted conclusions from being drawn.

The police chief of Troy, David Ellis, travels to attend this event that the president promises will be “wild.” Trump urges rally attendees to march on the Capitol building, and an armed, violent insurrection ensues. Democratic state Rep. Rosemarie Rung later calls out Ellis on Twitter for not acting to stop the attack and for standing by while other police officers were being injured.

Snoring and heavy breathing were heard. An attendant began yelling and checked the inmate and grabbed his shoulder, but there didn seem to be any reaction. Minutes later, Irick let out a cough or choking sound, as his face turned dark purple. Fellows front guy Scott McCaughey he of the perpetual smile, permanent Ray Ban sunglasses and ever straggly long hair is a straight up Northwest legend. Where so many of his contemporaries fell away, died off or quit, McCaughey kept plugging away, applying a non stop work ethic to his significant songwriting genius and his pure joy for performing. For the second half of that great American band’s career (from 1994 until 2011), we weren’t surprised.

Two items related to recommendations of the Milwaukee St Special Area Plan are on the agenda at Tuesday’s council meeting. If you are following the future of the Voit Farm, please pay attention! I asked for referral of approval of the proposed revisions of the Official Map to reserve future streets (9) to the next CC meeting in order to discuss the proposed Chicago Ave extension with affected property owners on N Fair Oaks. Leo Ritter Co, LLC, the property owner for 3630 3650 Milwaukee St (which contains the Amazon package distribution facility and parking for approximately 700 vehicles and is zoned IL and TR C1), has filed a protest petition objecting to the proposed rezoning their property to TR U1 and TSS (61).

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