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The judge, Esther Salas, was not hurt.PHOTO: Police respond to reports of a shooting at the home of federal Judge Esther Salas in North Brunswick, New Jersey, July 19, 2020. (WABC)The judge’s husband was then shot multiple times, according to sources.A suspect “remains at large,” a law enforcement official said.Investigators have preliminary information that the shootings were carried out by someone dressed as a FedEx driver, according to multiple law enforcement sources.The mayor said investigators are now “trying to get a hard make on the vehicle” to try and track the suspect.”As a judge, she had threats from time to time, but everyone is saying that recently there had not been any,” said Womack, who is personal friends with the judge and her husband.In a statement, the FBI Newark office said, “The FBI is investigating a shooting that occurred at the home of Judge Esther Salas in North Brunswick Township, New Jersey earlier this evening, July 19. We are looking for one subject and ask that anyone who thinks they may have relevant information please call FBI Newark at 973 792 3001.

There are some flaws with these but I’m actually really happy with them. The embroidery looks a bit janky in photos but its quite close to what I’ve seen of the originals, other than a little gap next to the puma’s leg. I haven’t seen them in person so can’t comment on if they feel/look different, especially in terms of colour, but they look close to pictures.

Our heroine, Aloy, lives in a tribalistic future where machines and magic co exist in a beautifully rendered 3D world. Horizon was developed by Guerrilla Games and published exclusively for the PlayStation 4.And I willing to bet there are a few fingers crossed in Sony boardrooms it spawns a franchise of Uncharted proportions.Read MoreIn fact, if there a graphical drawback it can sometimes be that things are a bit too detailed. The extensive heads up display (from the amount of noise you making to your inventory and health bar) can make things feel cluttered, while smaller items can be tricky to spot.

I’ll enjoy having guests on, who want to have a bit of a chinwag and also to be able to do some serious stuff.”I am happy and jolly, and that will always be there, but obviously I do have an opinion. The good thing about ITV Daytime is that we are allowed to have opinions.”We are not censored in that way, we are allowed to bring them to the table. I can’t wait to see how guests react to that.

Of course even if we someday actually achieve a truly classless society people will never call it communism. The word itself is tainted by history and people are afraid by it. When the average citizen hears the word “Communism” they don think of a classless utopia of comrades building a better society.

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