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Dior Debauchery had the chance to interview up and coming jewelry designer, Kimberly Lough. As this week DC It Girl, Kimberly gave us some insight into her handmade jewelry collection and her innate knack for style. Needless to say, this girl has charm.KL: I get a lot of my inspiration from the world around us.

It sort of a shame that this dress was eclipsed by the sinking of Titanic and it was mostly covered by not one but by two coats, her pink one and the one Cal gave her. As well as a blanket and a life belt. So the Swim dress disappears after a while..

I was sharing a 700 sq ft apartment in Andheri West with a friend from Delhi. Sushant would pick me up on his bike and we would head to the rehearsal, for which I was grateful. I wasn poor or broke. It was a sunny Saturday in April 2017, but my grandmother house was dark. She was alone chain smoking in her dusty living room in Sao Carlos, Brazil, tan curtains drawn over the windows to better see the TV commentators rant over the state of the country when the phone rang. Been looking for you for decades, the man on the other end of the line whispered in Italian.

After Mohamed Sanu 115 catches, Quron Pratt finished second on with 32 receptions last fall. (Photo by Mark R. And while there are plenty of talented holdovers at the wide spot, including Quron Pratt, Brandon Coleman, and Tim Wright, none produced the kind of consistent results like Sanu did last fall.

If you think you have COVID 19, stay home, get tested as soon as possible and behave as if you have the virus until you receive your test results, officials say. That means self isolating for 10 days, and for three days after any symptoms subside. County’s public health director, said in a prepared statement.

Top city officials, including Mayor C. Ray Nagin, an African American whose welcome letter posted on the Decadence website expresses the city’s ”heartfelt gratitude” for the festival being in New Orleans, have avoided taking a public position on the referendum. The city is the largest in a conservative state that has no openly gay elected officials, according to the Victory Fund and Leadership Institute in Washington, which supports gay and lesbian candidates..

So, the faster you drive, the greater the chance of a tyre overheating and bursting. TOI explains how to keep your tyres expressway worthy for a safe journey: Experts say car tyres should be checked minutely before heading down an expressway. Each car must also carry a spare tyre in good condition.

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