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My absolutely loving partner has found the most beautiful opportunity for us both to venture out to another province in Canada and be apprentices on a farm where we will learn many skills that will hopefully bring us to a position of making a living by doing what makes us happiest. Furthermore, it is not only the skills that we learn that will benefit us, but rather the opportunity to spend time with nature and the land to which my ancestors have shed their blood and sweat cultivating and protecting with their lives. I feel that being away from the demands of the city and connecting with the land will allow me to heal and feel whole with where I’ve come from as an Indigenous person, as well as feel whole within myself..

Sam Edelman. Haven talked about this line before and have absolutely no idea why. These shoes are amazing. As the virus spread into the global turning point that is 2020 terminating retail commerce and a whole myriad of other services, not to mention closing down offices and factories, the planet supply and demand ratio declined altogether as suppliers were unable to adequately access their customer bases. Currently at a 5% loss in global GDP it is estimated that the trade of world goods this year could shrink by between 10 30%.[7] The damage to trade, albeit decapitating, has not affected every industry as food supply lines have predominantly managed to keep moving, as shown by the astronomical rise of kiwi fruit and honey sales from New Zealand (on top of steady dairy trade) to the global market.[8] Although many factories have been hindered due to an inability to source key parts and accessories from their independent makers all over the world, companies like Apple insist that they can still make their I phones.[9] In fact, much of China and Germany economies have been buoyed by the enormous uptake in the sale of medical equipment during the first wave of the virus as the world rapidly played catch up and sought to secure whatever protective equipment it could get its hands on. (Some countries however held tightly onto their PPE medical supplies to ensure a stronger public health response rather than exporting it overseas for enormous profits as countries looked inwards to protect their own during the virus brutal first wave.).

THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE WORLD) gives racists a platform and amplifies voices of hate.”The surfacing of racists is so prevalent right now, even in such an ethnically/culturally diverse and liberal state like California, because Trump HIMSELF uses his position to incite racial tension and to promote aggression towards POC, foreigners, and immigrants.told the Daily Mail: “My behavior in the video is appalling. This was clearly a moment where I lost control and made incredibly hurtful and divisive comments. I would like to deeply apologize to the Chan family.

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