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I would see her everyday seated on a small wooden stool, in the balcony outside her kitchen calmly watching the action on the road as the day unfolded. A serious wrinkled face over seventy, I would catch her sight for a fleeting moment as my bus passed her house while heading towards my workplace. She was one of the many people, things I had become habitual of spotting on my way and instinctively I would look out for her as soon as my bus took the road leading to Banashankari II Stage where she stayed..

Aha!!! The skeptic argues: are nice in physics, but epidemiology is much more complex, we do not know the equations or the laws, and we will never in our lifetime know the detailed anatomy of the human body. This ignorance pleading argument always manages to win the hearts of the mystic, especially among researchers who feel uncomfortable encoding partial scientific knowledge in a model. Yet Lady Nature does not wait for us to know things before she makes our heart muscle respond to the fat content in the blood.

Bush’s chief media adviser in 2004.Biden has already shown his ability to win over voters on the debate stage in the 11 Democratic debates he participated in to clinch his party’s nomination. While one Trump campaign adviser criticized Biden’s debate skills, he acknowledged the former vice president hadn’t given the fumbling performance one would expect based on the president’s attack ads presenting a real risk that the re election team could be mismanaging expectations.”If the Trump campaign believes the answer to their precipitously dropping support is to triple down on yet another smear that’s backfired on them for over a year, then frankly, maybe it’s not just Donald Trump who’s missing something but also his campaign,” Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates said in a statement.Defenders of the strategy say their aim is to create a continuing pulse of accusations over Biden’s mental fitness that leaves an unease among voters over his ability to hold the office, part of a broader messaging strategy to convince voters they would not be safe under a Biden presidency.”Every time Joe Biden speaks, there are questions raised about his fitness for office,” said Jason Miller, a Trump campaign communications adviser. “Voters have already begun picking up on this, and that is going to continue for as long as Joe Biden keeps talking.”The message also dovetails with another frequent line of attack: that Biden isn’t sharp enough to avoid becoming an unwitting puppet of the far left, said a person familiar with the matter.It’s a strategy with echoes of 2016, when Trump and his allies took a similar approach to rival Hillary Clinton, fueling a range of conspiracy theories about her health.Trump’s campaign is in need of jolt to break Biden’s advantage in the polls after a string of failed reboots.

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