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Superintendent Xavier Botana is expected to discuss plans with the school board at a meeting Feb. 23 and administrators will be meeting with students and staff in the coming weeks as they consider avenues for adding in person instruction. The district will also be considering regular COVID 19 testing of students and faculty to enhance safety..

You might focus on exercise, healthy eating, relaxation, stress relief, and ways to save your energy. Doctors usually recommend it if your IPF is severe or gets worse quickly. Getting a new lung or lungs can help you live longer, but it is major surgery..

On an offshore natural gas platform, workers in orange jumpsuits brandished red ribbons in support of the National League for Democracy. More than 500 instructors at the University of Yangon wanted to join the campaign, too, but activists had prepared only 200 ribbons. Doctors posed with three fingers raised in a rebellious gesture from the “Hunger Games” films.

I think it’s really strong when you have characters that you feel very far away from at first glance, and suddenly there’s a moment that connects you. That’s what cinema is. You sit with people both next to you and onscreen you wouldn’t normally sit next to and you watch something intimate.

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