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Heard a politician on the radio the other day saying that 18 to 25 year olds should be offered decent jobs, not picking up litter. And I thought, first, how incredibly rude to all the dustmen out there. And second, I have no idea why young people have been given this incredibly elevated opinion that everyone can have degrees in rocket science or go in as managing director.

Trump’s team is airing TV advertisements aimed at Black and Latino voters that attack the presumptive Democratic nominee over his past support of the 1994 crime bill, which led to increased incarceration, particularly among people of color, as well as his mental fitness in Spanish language spots. It’s a sign that Trump aides, while struggling to find a consistent and effective line of attack against Biden, have settled on at least one strategy: dilute Biden’s strength among minority voters.”It’s very clear the Trump campaign is trying to use much of the same playbook from 2016,” said Karen Finney, Hillary Clinton’s spokesperson during that campaign. “This should be a blaring call to all Democrats running for office this year, specifically Biden, that you cannot take anything for granted with Black voters, period.

Los Angeles County officials on Wednesday confirmed 1,318 more coronavirus cases, some of which were attributable to a backlog from laboratories that had not previously reported results through the county’s electronic system. Similar numbers had been reported the previous two days as well. County officials continue to emphasize the need for residents to maintain social distancing practices after a study suggested that tens of thousands of county residents may have been infected with the virus.

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