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Renesas Electronics Corp and Dialog Semiconductor said on Monday they had agreed for the Japanese chipmaker to buy the Frankfurt listed design bureau for 4.9 billion euros ($5.9 billion) in cash. Renesas, one of the world biggest auto chip makers, has offered 67.50 euros a share for the Apple Inc supplier, representing a 20% premium to Friday closing price and a 52% premium to a weighted three month average. Ravi Kahlon, minister of jobs, economic recovery and innovation, says the government is investing $12 million to help about 1,500 businesses launch or upgrade online stores.

I have received inquiries about why our libraries remain open in light of public safety concerns over the CONV 19 virus. The city will be providing updates as they come available. Also please frequently check the website for current information. In other places the popularity of such plates is just as strong with many countries issuing what are known as vanity plates to personalise the nation’s vehicles. Vanity plates are similar to personalised number plates in that they are all unique and are specific to the owner or their vehicle. The main difference to personalised plates however is that they are typically be made up from 6 or 7 characters (letters and numbers) in any order with no specific format.

Judge was weighing whether to delay the executions of two convicted murderers who contracted COVID 19 after their lawyers argued on Tuesday that their virus damaged lungs would result in inordinate suffering if they were to receive lethal injections. Department of Justice announced last month that Corey Johnson, 52, and Dustin Higgs, 48, had been diagnosed with COVID 19 but that it would proceed with their executions set for Jan. 14 and 15.

You’ll hear a snap of the MagSafe charging and then see a nice graphic that tells you it’s getting a charge. It solves the problem of laying your phone on a wireless charger and waking up the next morning with no charge. MagSafe fixes that and also ups the charging speed up to 15 watts.

Facebook recently rewrote its terms of service and data use policy to be more explicit and easy to read. It didn make any significant changes other than noting the policy now applies to its subsidiaries like Instagram and Messenger. [Correction: But WhatsApp and Oculus have their own data policies.] That all clearly explained here, which is nice..

Admittedly, socks are cheaper. In terms of fashion investment, eyeglasses are better compared to handbags and jewelry. You can pay a week salary for designer frames as easily as for a designer purse, but you can also update your look at more reasonable rates by shunning the label and finding knock off variants.

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