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Free speech loving Americans are still having a ball insulting, shouting down, and blocking and deleting each other all across Facebook and every other platform. We revel in such behavior.I’m not accusing all Americans of being free speech haters. There are some very enlightened compatriots of mine out there, people who listen thoughtfully to conflicting opinions and sometimes even admit when they are wrong.

As our seats were first row right by the fence you see in the pic above wanted to grab a shot from above as the race started. I walked up the aisle and took the shot above (turn 4) as lap 1 was just about to start! Mark Martin is in the lead and Dale Jr. Is is in second! The shot above is at 200mm focal length.

Philip Cross, former chief economic analyst at Statistics Canada, FI senior fellowPhilip Cross: Guaranteed income is a bad idea. Introducing it during a crisis would be even worsePhilip Cross: The limits of monetary and fiscal stimulusTerence Corcoran: The price of life: Lockdown costs are real. But are the benefits?Mistrust of modelsIn the early days of COVID 19, many respected scientists modelled doomsday scenarios, which the media was eager to report.

Then we move to the most common questions you have about the Jio Phone. The first of these is whether the Jio Phone can be used as a hotspot. Aditya answers this and other questions patiently, with Rishi chipping in with inputs. Beware of overfeeding. Before you stuff your turtle with as much protein as you can (if he/she is suffering from MBD), too much protein can also damage your turtle and can even deform his/her shell as well. What it all comes down to is a balanced, varied diet.

Let’s say you are stopped at a red light, and are the second car in line. You pull up right behind the car ahead, and stop. So far, so good. The second is price vintage track is quite a bit cheaper than than the modern S Scale track systems. How much cheaper? Using typical EBay prices as a guide, a small oval with 1 siding and 1 spur (requiring 3 switches) would cost about $95 $125 if you shop carefully. Using modern S Scale (AF compatible) track, it would cost about $210 using Classic Trains track, $175 using American Models track, and $215 using S Helper’s track system..

Swiss favorite Lara Gut crashed in practice before the slalom leg and tore her left anterior cruciate ligament .. Billionaire pizza mogul and Detroit Tigers and Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch died. He was 87. Sally Keaveney, chief of staff to state Sen. Larry Farnese (D), who sponsored the legislation, said this is the first time opponents have used the specter of transgender people in bathrooms to fight a statewide anti discrimination bill. A number of conservative groups have launched a website dedicated to defeating the bill.