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Switch up your scent for summer (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)The best summer fragrances for women are slightly less formal than winter, with an easy breezy sensibility, like a carefree run along a sun soaked beach with salty, bronzed skin.Opt for exotic zesty aromas like coconut and mandarin to re imagine long, lazy days on the sand (hello Este Lauder Bronze Goddess), or choose a blossoming floral fragrance and evoke a wander through a pretty flower dotted garden (think Lancme La Vie Est Belle Intensement Eau De Parfum).We rounded up the best smelling, happy and joyful fragrances so you can get your summer fix with one spritz. These perfumes are simply heaven scent.Read MoreIn celebration of amazing women around the world, Avon has just launched a new fragrance for summer called for Herstory. The new perfume launches in partnership with UK’s leading charity for people with visible differences, Changing Faces, and 50% of profits will be donated.And, not only is it trying to make a positive change in society, it also smells divine.With tones of pink pepper, iris and patchouli, this empowering new fragrance represents today’s strong women and is energising, feminine and woody.

But as for Sucker Punch’s ambition of creating a Kurosawa samurai movie you can play, Ghost of Tsushima falls a bit short. The narrative blocks and storytelling are too straightforward. To add to that, the side quest bloat seeps the narrative of its pacing; to paraphrase another film director in Martin Scorsese, they are designed as variations on a finite number of templates..

Let it be known that I no stranger to the occasional outdoor romp. My experiences have run the gamut from totally steamy (summertime sex on the hood of a parked car) to completely awkward (a failed forest coupling that was interrupted by a couple riding a tractor and no, that not a sexual euphemism). But considering my recent Google search includes stuff like to disinfect rubber gloves and to buy a germ suit, finding ways to engage in outdoor sexcapades aren exactly top of mind..

The biggest difference in technique and the biggest challenge I have in coaching people is just getting them to pick up their feet instead of using them to push themselves forward. You have to kind of start from scratch and feel what your legs want to do which is just to keep up with your fall. I’m trying to hit the reset button: Kids all run with a lean, they just intuitively do it that way.

Located just 15 kilometres away from Nainital, Pangot offers some of the most picturesque landscapes, making it the perfect hub for campers and photographers. This quaint little village offers the solitude that is not available in the main city of Nainital. Located at the height of 6510 feet above sea level, the drive up to this village takes you through some of the lushest green mountain forests of Kilbury and Snow View.