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On a very sunny (and hot) summer morning, I set out for Boston Common to test out a few of those shiny new solar powered benches. Soofas, developed by startup Changing Environments, are benches with a large solar panel on top that will charge users’ phones. They’re being installed in parks throughout the city (and Cambridge)..

Good support is very important for kids’ feet, especially for those who love to run, jump, or practice sports. The same is true for thelittle ones just learning to walk! You should look for a shoe with a sturdy, rubber, textured sole. The material should be leather, canvas or nylon, and with a quality brand like Camper trainers for kids or even Geox, they will outgrow them before the shoes fall apart.

DNR officials urged state park visitors to do their part when visiting DNR properties. Most Wisconsin state parks, forests and other day use areas do not have garbage or recycling bins. When you visit, please take your garbage and recyclables home with you.

There are very few species of amphipods that are considered to be parasitic and are rarely found in a saltwater fish tank system. And amphipods are an excellent food source for your saltwater aquarium. They are especially a good source of food for seahorses, octopus, and if you are breeding gobies.

Rather than complex of storms collapsing in Illinois in the morning the outflow boundary/MCV popping new ones Sunday late afternoon once cap was overcome, complex of storms in Illinois did indeed hang on moved right through the area.It produced a corridor of damaging winds from Wolcott first, then next reports coming from Yeoman, Rockfield Burrows, through Cass Miami counties with gusts +60 mph. Many trees limbs were reported down.An apparent microburst northeast of Rensselaer produced a measured of 86 mph with crops flattened. Tree damage was also reported west north of Rensselaer, through the gust at the Jasper County Airport was 44 mph.The strongest winds tended to occur at the apex of the bow of the MCS.

I discovered I had misplaced my ray ban sunglasses just before I left and thought I might have left them in the breakfast room, the day before, when I rang reception they had been handed in by the breakfast room staff which I really appreciated as they could easily have been gone. For eating out there were a few excellent fish restaurants on the promenade. The Marina was at the end of a nice walk along the promenade, it was really busy with families eating and wandering around the shops.