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Take them back. My guess is that you have AR coating on the lenses and that the coating is cracking, not the lens itself. The AR coating can be cracked because it is less flexible than the polycarbonate lens. If at least 60 percent of the money goes toward maintaining payroll, the federal government will forgive the loan in its entirety, essentially transforming the money into a grant.If the loans are not forgiven, a business will have five years to repay the loanat 1 percent interest.So far, the government has distributed roughly $521 billion in loans to more than 4.9 million borrowers. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told lawmakers at the end of Junethere was bipartisan support for repurposing the remaining PPP funds once it closes to applicants on Aug. 8.Mnuchin suggested the money could be directed to businesses facing the steepest losses from the outbreak of the virus and subsequent economic shutdown, including restaurants and bars.appears to be bipartisan support in the Senateto repurpose the $130billion for PPP, extending it to businesses that are most hard hit, that have a requirement that their revenues have dropped significantly, things like restaurants and hotels and others, where it is critical to get people back to work, he said.Overall, 91 percent of small businesses support Congress allowing PPP borrowers to double dip and apply for a second loan.

Current fare is RM10 (US$3). Visit their website for the bus schedule. If you buy bus ticket online together with Air Asia ticket, you pay less.. Letters will not be returned or answered by mail, and telephone calls will not be accepted. Your letters will appear as quickly as space allows. Box 4400, Lewiston, ME 04243 4400..

Perhaps the best way to ensure your remote workforce aligns is by setting expectations. You want to set very clear expectations from the very beginning and update project specific expectations as your workload changes. You should have a basic set of expectations for everyone to follow, however, and be sure to remind everyone from time to time what those expectations are..

If you are an experienced attendee of safety inductions (I did my first one at the West Driefontein gold mine in 1973) you will be wearing full safety overalls, safety boots (steel toe cap) and you will have safety glasses, gloves and disposable ear plugs.Arriving in shorts and T shirt reading Capitalist Pigs on the front and Greed, Just Need for Weed on the back and equipped with face piercings and Ray Ban sunglasses more or less guarantees that you will be sentenced to five hours of bum numbing lectures.Assuming you have played it safe clothingwise (ha! ha!) and are wearing the right stuff, you will be sat in front of a computer, which will present you with a Powerpoint presentation of about 300 slides, all dealing with some aspect of safety. When you get through this, you will have to answer a questionnaire. Get one answer wrong and you have to do it all again.Some of the slides are very funny.