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Morocco born Walid Azaro, battling the make an impact as the lone Ahly striker, was withdrawn on the hour by coach Hossam El Badry with Ahmed Hamoudi taking his place. As the second leg drifted into the final quarter, play continued to be confined mainly to midfield with Wydad in pole position thanks to the away goal. With 69 minutes gone the deadlock finally ended as El Karty struck with his point blank header evading Ahly captain and goalkeeper Sherif Ekramy.

Will drivers come for the ride? Of course, GM promising to go electric doesn guarantee success. There a lot of work ahead. But Mabee believes GM can reach its goal, suggesting big manufacturers have the kind of heft needed to make technological improvements in key areas such as battery life and efficiency.

Is joyful to be back under one roof, and we dread the day if we ever have to go back to online learning since we know that the best learning takes place when you face to face, he said. Are conducting COVID tests every week for all students and staff, and that forces people to be very careful because they don want to be the person who tests positive. Everyone is following all the protocols and are very concerned about their health, and the community is working together so we can stay open..

If Flebotte and her friend Erin Murphy were going to the mall, Hurst offered to drive. If they needed to study for their upcoming math test, he said they could come over to his house to study and eat chicken nuggets.Erin Murphy (left), Josh Hurst (center) and Gabby Flebbotte quickly became close friends once Hurst started attending Ludlow High School.Over time, Hurst, Murphy and Flebotte became inseparable. The trio once had a cooking class together.

The City of Madison Parks Division and Engineering Division will be conducting prescribed burns on areas of existing native vegetation on Broad Creek Boulevard greenway. Prescribed burns are an important management tool for Wisconsin’s native plant communities. Typically these burns occur in the spring, however given uncertain conditions surrounding the pandemic this past spring, most burns were not completed as planned.

Your immediate neighbors are your first responders. They may be first to notice a crime in progress, a fire, burst water pipes, a pet that has wandered away or someone who hasn’t picked up their mail or newspapers in several days and needs medical attention. Choose what information you feel comfortable sharing with your immediate neighbors like phone numbers, email addresses or emergency contact information.

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