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Our Congressional and Senate leaders issued the standard thoughts and prayers tweets, but the Senate and House are on leave until September. No legislation will pass. Nothing will change. In 2018, the City of Madison Sidewalk Program is scheduled to do work in Aldermanic Districts 16 and 3 as part of the annual public sidewalk maintenance plan. The program provides needed maintenance and replacement throughout the City on a ten year cycle. Engineering staff will start marking sidewalks in Districts 16 and 3 in order to get an accurate estimate for the 2018 contracts..

Cost is SGD130 ish for 1 pair or under $200 for two. Possibly consumer expectation? Even in this thread there people claiming “cheap” glasses are worse, their expensive $500+ versions are better somehow. In my experience this is not the case at all and they are in most respects identical.

Amid a dispute with Anglo Swedish drugmaker AstraZeneca, the EU introduced tighter rules on exports of COVID 19 vaccines that could hit shipments to nations like the United Kingdom. The RRF is the central pillar of the the bloc’s 750 billion euro ($910 billion) recovery plan that was adopted by EU leaders last year. Hours after the WHO team revealed preliminary findings at a Wuhan news conference on Tuesday, Washington said it wants to scrutinize data used by the team, which concluded that the virus causing COVID 19 did not originate in a laboratory in Wuhan, and that bats remain a likely source.

17. 62598 619 621 N Lake Street; 8th Ald. Dist.: Consideration of a demolition permit to allow two fraternity houses to be demolished; consideration of conditional use in the Downtown Residential 2 (DR2) District for a multi family dwelling with greater than eight (8) dwelling units; and consideration of a conditional use in the DR2 District for a fraternity, to allow construction of an eight story residential building containing 20 apartments and a fraternity..

We take for granted the ability to smile, kiss, or close our eyes at night, all of which can be affected by facial paralysis. This condition may strike anyone at any time, regardless of age or gender. The project aims to develop a pair of glasses that discreetly provides real time feedback to the wearer about their facial muscle function, helping them practice their rehabilitative exercises regularly and correctly, thereby speeding recovery of normal, symmetric facial expressions.

My resistance to racial gatekeepers is purely about what they stand for, which is the continuation of the status quo and not the erasure of institutional racism and/or dismantling of white supremacy. It is their positioning that slows progress that could benefit the wider community of their race. This makes them dangerous and their actions an egregious act of betrayal to their race.

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