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Drained and undrained tests have been carried out on polypropylene fibre reinforced sand with and without the addition of cement. Samples with varying fibre and cement content were prepared by the method of undercompaction and were cured for 28 days prior to testing.The experimental results indicate that there is a significant effect from the addition of fibre and/or cement contents and confining pressures on the mechanical behaviour of Portaway sand. Particularly, these effects were noted in drained and undrained triaxial tests, particularly peak strength, strength parameters, shear banding, particle crushing, yielding, and stress dilatancy relationships.

SAN RAFAEL, CA JANUARY 28: E Cigarette vaporizers are displayed at Digital Ciggz on January 28, 2015 in San Rafael, California. The California Department of Public Health released a report today that calls E Cigarettes a health threat and suggests that they should be regulated like regular cigarettes and tobacco products. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)SAN RAFAEL, CA JANUARY 28: E Cigarette vaporizers are displayed at Digital Ciggz on January 28, 2015 in San Rafael, California.

First reported by 9to5Google, Spotify broke this news with an official post on its community forum. The post simply stated that the Android widget will be retiring, although no reason was mentioned as to what brought about this decision. If you’re someone who used this a lot, you’ll now probably have to rely on the lock screen controls or the widget in the notification shade..

And one which can pay dividends for future generations who hold on to the information. And now that everything is online you don even have to pass the information on to a certain family member to act as the new repository. It simply available to everyone..

I was a little kid, I used to ride my bicycle over to my dad office and just watch him do things been around it my entire life and I found it intriguing, he said. Just the micro surgery and LASIK and the results and everything, but the relationships that you form with patients is the utmost to us. That commitment to our patients has taken us in directions that no one else has gone..

The coronavirus pandemic has affected travel, but the decision to fly south for the winter isn’t a simple one. (Shutterstock)What do some birds, butterflies and whales have in common with tens of thousands of older Canadians? They all participate in an annual migration by heading south for the winter.While we don’t have systems in place to know exactly how many Canadian snowbirds there are, a recent report from Statistics Canada suggests that at least 375,000 typically go to the United States and Mexico each year, not counting other popular destinations. The word “typically” here is important, though, because there is nothing typical about travelling south during the COVID 19 pandemic.In a typical year, we’d expect snowbirds to be organizing potlucks and participating in pickleball tournaments.

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