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Scour the internet no further (well, actually there a YouTube version too) for lectures from America elite universities. According to a new report by a Palo Alto security startup, the number of with malware has doubled in the last few months. Time to put on your metaphorical face masks folks, this is an epidemic..

Nuctech has close ties to the Chinese military and the Chinese Communist Party. Security official to a Canadian diplomat in Washington. Is ‘quite concerned’ that GAC has apparently agreed to purchase security equipment for embassies from a Chinese company,” diplomat Martin Loken said in a July 20 email to Global Affairs assistant deputy minister Dan Danagher.

Peeing into a mop bucket at a New York City club was the last straw for Justin Bieber’s management. “His team are prepared to sit him down and tell him the ugly truth. He isn’t going to want to hear it, but they have to do it,” a member of his team said.

The recent snows have lead to the destruction of our arborvitae tree line. The trees, Green Giants, were relatively untouched for many years, with only minor deer damage. But after the deep snow last weekend, our trees have that deer pruned lollipop shape, destroying the whole point of the planting as a screen from the road.

3. 50890 Amending Section 41.14 of the Madison General Ordinances to create an obligation for property owners in historic districts and next to Landmarks to refrain from engaging in behavior that contributes to the exterior decay of a neighboring property and to create a process for property owners to avoid prosecution for failing to maintain their building if, through no fault of their own, they are being prevented from doing so by a neighbor. Sponsors: Marsha A.

“I believe the focus is on the wrong person,” speaker Bill Krauch said. “We have a teacher who is upset because what he said in the classroom with minor children has been made public. Are parents, taxpayers not allowed to monitor classroom teaching? This teacher appears to be indoctrinating an ideological viewpoint versus teaching critical thinking.”.

Instead of giving consumer goods, give the folks on your gift list an “experience,” such as tickets to a blockbuster movie, a thrilling sporting event, or a soul stirring concert or performance. Gift certificates for a massage or a meal at a favorite restaurant are also great low waste ideas. Another valuable alternative is to give the gift of your time and labor.

Capt Jason Freedman sent me the attached information about a “Community Notification Meeting” regarding an individual who is on the Sex Offender Registry who will be on parole supervision, living at 405 Washburn Place. The individual who appears on this notification has been convicted of a sex offense. Further, his criminal history places him in a classification level which reflects the potential to re offend.”.

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