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In this most recent case, as has been the case in previous emergency declarations, Metro was called upon to provide transportation assistance to the City of Madison Police and the Wisconsin National Guard. It provided resources as required by the ordinances and policies cited above. In doing so, Metro ran shuttles on eight nights that transported Police and National Guard members between various command points throughout the City.

The roles that young people fulfil in face to face bullying have been well documented and there is some evidence that young people take on similar roles in cyber bullying. A person centred analytical approach was adopted to identify the roles that young people fulfil across five different types of cyber bullying assessed for up to nine media. Four hundred and forty (281 female and 154 male) 16 to 19 year olds completed measures to assess their involvement in various types of cyber bullying and across the various media.

I cut the minion PP in half (at least). It can probably stand to lose Immortality, since summonned minions can permanently die anyway, and it unlikely to be killed in combat unless the enemies are going out of their way to do so. It could get rid of Immune to Control as well as a construct absent both Fortitude and Will, it incredibly unlikely to be Controlled anyway.

Many of the clothes are period pieces, with all their slightly clunky, minutely off kilter proportions and details. Bina Daigeler, the show’s costume designer, did a huge amount of research, aided by the amount of visual documentation from the era. “Each character had their own closet,” she says, “and each of those closets is huge.” Daigeler also created new pieces, particularly for Phyllis Schlafly and Florynce Kennedy, a leading black feminist, lawyer, civil rights activist and lecturer (played by Niecy Nash), whose irreverent, daring cowboy style became her trademark..

“When they cave, they typically spend a very long time Googling and asking their friends and online groups where to find a trans friendly doctor,” Giles, a nonbinary transman who uses they/them pronouns, explains. “Often no names are given. Sometimes you get lucky and get a name.

It was dubbed the “709 incident” because the crackdown began on 9 July that year. One of the lawyers arrested, Wang Quanzhang, was only released last April after being detained for nearly five years. Wang has filed a petition with the Chinese judiciary seeking to overturn his guilty verdict of subversion against the state, and filed suits against individual police officers and court officials who handled his case, alleging wrongful trial, defamation and torture.

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