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Just a few weeks after the report was delivered to the governor and leaders in the House and Senate, five of the commission members released a of clarification, stating that have found it necessary to write a separate letter, as we do not believe the final report clearly reflected all viewpoints. Said she was taken aback by this follow up letter which was not discussed with the other members of the commission since all members had voted on the recommendations after a great deal of discussion. Everyone, she said, had seen the final language in the report, which had been tweaked multiple times after suggestions from commission members, including from members who signed the new letter.

Highlights: On Monday, Imagine Madison Phase 2 the City seeks your input as we update our 10 year old Comprehensive Plan. On Tuesday, the Common Council will discuss the recent upsurge in gun shot incidents and armed robberies by convening a Committee of the Whole. The issue is how do we leverage our existing resources, both in the police department and with our contracted service providers, to effectively disrupt gun violence? Gun violence is considered by most experts to be a public health epidemic, not just a law enforcement issue.

So, there is precedent in countries around the world regarding the criminalization of speculation. However, this will have to be adapted to each countries’ code; and will then have to be enforced (with all the problems, delays, and due process for those particular steps). Even where this law exists, it is likely that the law will have to be revised so as to consider the usage of automated bots for the purchasing process..

Although the association between specific behaviours and physiological measures was found to be inconsistent in many cases, and individual differences occurred, behavioural observation is still the primary means of evaluating the performance and welfare of the ridden horse. Consequently it is imperative to know what behaviours are important and why. By combining the evidence from the range of available sources it will be possible to get closer to an accurate interpretation of the meaning of different ridden horse behaviours.

There are over 520 shark species a fifth of which have been found in the past decade. You’ve probably never heard of the tiny cookiecutter shark or the Arctic dwelling Greenland shark, but that doesn’t mean these creatures aren’t worthy of your attention. (Explore the interactive graphic “Sizing Up Sharks, the Lords of the Sea.”).

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