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Watters also implies that the West doesn’t have mental illness all “figured out” and cites the fact that individuals with schizophrenia tend to have lower rates of relapse in developing countries as evidence for the West’s deficiencies in treating some illnesses. Prior to the sensationalized death of a teenage girl suffering from anorexia, Dr. Lee said his patients did not express a fear of gaining weight and instead frequently complained of bloating in their stomachs.

[“Home insurance benefits could shrink to head off the ‘spiral towards collapse’,” Feb. 6] Hey Jim, have you priced a roof lately? Where I live in Palm Beach County, a new tile roof goes for at least $35,000 for a modest sized house like mine. A couple hundred bucks a year under the mattress will never cover my loss when Citizens refuses to pay the full cost of replacement.

If you made the entire disk be a Windows partition, then I don think you can resize it (if I remembering correctly). If you made just part of the SSD disk be a Windows partition, then there should be enough free space to add an APFS partition to install macOS onto. I don remember if you can resize an NTFS partition in disk utility.

There were ships coming to Saint John from all over the world and all over the British Empire,” Clarke said. While discussion of race isn explicit in Henderson poems, there are moments when she seems to reference her experiences as a Black woman. One poem, This Life, reads in part: I who have walked alone With hate and fear, and quelled them in my hour With steadfast level gaze, now claim my own: Mine is the glory, ay, and mine the power! The message Henderson was trying to send, Clarke said, is clear.

The state would receive 15% of a company’s proceeds to be used for public education. There are no estimates yet of how much that would bring in for what’s called the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future Fund. But a narrower sports betting bill proposed last year estimated that sports betting operators would send about $20 million to the state per year..

She offers a reassuring message to children. She encourages people to social distance. In her video, she is not striding through the White House with a blazer tossed over her shoulders as if she has some place else that she’d rather be. No one can tell their whole life story in so few words, but, over time, these stories will come together to form a picture of our state and the people who live here. Jump in and read, but don’t stop there. Bang out a story of your own and send it to us for next month’s package..

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