Ray Ban New Wayfarer Size Comparison

But I’m pretty tired and not really motivated to pack and buzz over there for the weekend. Plus I’d have to sleep on the couch and my nephew would not give my sister and I any space to talk. I don’t know.. Behind the ears This is one of the most common areas for fur to get matted. It can trap moisture, stay damp longer and it also a place that is frequently touched by humans so the oil from our skin can build up on the fur. Not to mention dogs will scratch their ears causing fur to get moved around often..

NSW Police confirmed Sunday morning that the man, 49, believed to be the woman husband, was arrested at the scene and taken to Campbelltown Police Station for questioning. The attack happened in the couple home. It is believed the woman is aged between 30 35 and that she died of a stab wound..

In your Saturday editorial regarding voting reforms [“Alaska reforms voting; Florida, please copy Editorial,” Feb. 6] you referred to the recently failed Florida Amendment 3, establishing a top two open primary voting system as enacted in California. Unfortunately, this is a fatally flawed system without ranked choice voting.

(disclosure, I have zero ETH). However, I do think a scalable Bitcoin will win out, and long term BCH is in pole position to be No.1, but it will need decentralization in three areas: mining, non mining nodes, and dev teams. This IFP crisis is the key to a new start for BCH, which is an era of multiple dev teams working independently, but collaborating on any protocol change.

A current White House official who watched the segment was taken aback. Meena, who was an unpaid campaign representative, would not have been given the prominent platform or appearances on “The View” and spreads in glossy magazines if she weren’t the vice president’s niece. She has used that publicity to promote her lifestyle brand, which has over time capitalized on Kamala Harris’ name, likeness, life history and political slogans to produce clothing, videos, bestselling children’s books and designer headphones..

Yes, she said. A thousand times yes. She’s finished with one half openness or three quarters openness or whatever calculation she’d made. Now hit the three dots icon and tap Copy Link. Open the recently downloaded InSaver for Instagram app and the link that you copied will automatically be pasted. You can use this method if you don’t want to download a third party app on your device.

Boch Center Wang Theatre. On the occasion of the long delayed release of their further 1960s collaborations, entitled “The Newest Sound You Never Heard,” the pianist reflects on the life of his dear departed colleague. Jan. We will reduce our staffing to accommodate Covid concerns, continuing unemployment enhancement and insure that all remaining staff members maximize their income opportunities. We will continue to focus on events, private parties and banquets, but a party that used to be accommodated in a single dining space will now extend to a whole floor and eliminate ala carte dining opportunities for the entire meal period. All in all, it’s a fine line to walk that continues to offer an outstanding guest experience, a profitable and enjoyable employee experience and maintain enough cash flow to survive operationally until restrictions are lifted.”Richard Smith, The Electric Cheetah in Grand Rapids: “One of the things we noticed during the last full service attempt was people just wanted to get out of their houses and hang out.

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