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What the alternative? There is no credible political opposition to BN, the members of the BN and other branches of government have fallen in line and the PM seems able to postpone the next general election pretty easily. All I can see that left is for those in power to negotiate their smooth (and criminal / civil charge free) exit to civilian life at their own speed.The US DoJ can confiscate assets, press charges against banks and civil charges against civilians who have committed financial crimes, but can step up to the head of a foreign state out of their jurisdiction. And what do they do with the assets anyway? Probably return them to the Malaysian government!Not missing anything.UberX is definitely cheaper than budget taxis.

One of the first demos placed us on a shipwrecked boat underwater. You could walk around and look at the hull and the other objects, or wave your hand to shoo away the small fish that were swimming nearby. It was a smooth experience, and you could lean forward to look over the edge of the hull.

The new rules, which will be in place for the next three weeks from Feb. 12, will allow restaurants, gyms, nail salons, tattoo parlours and libraries to all open up at 25% of their normal capacity and will include other limitations, Dr. The individual training and 1 on 1 instruction allowance will be extended to indoor sporting facilities such as rinks, gymnastics clubs and martial arts studios, who can reopen at 25% capacity, in line with gyms and fitness centres.Outdoor rinks will also be permitted to reopen for casual sports as well as organized practices and games with the caveat that multi team tournaments are prohibited.Places of worship also will be allowed to open to 10% capacity or 50 people maximum, whichever number is lower.”Thanks to the caution of Manitobans, we’ve earned more good news,” Pallister said.

Dustin Pedroia signed his final eight year contract extension with the Red Sox at a price far below market value because he wanted to play for one team and one team only. David Ortiz was never going to leave Boston, and he put up historic seasons while being vastly underpaid compared to others with similar production. But these guys are the outliers..

“We usually start our spring leaf and garden waste collection the first week of April,” Dreckmann said. “Because of the late thaw we delayed leaf collection by two weeks. We are generally able to divert staff form leaf collection to brush collection at the start of May.

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